Mayada Mohamed

Chemist, Educator, Administrator

Mayada is a seasoned chemist, water quality specialist, educator, and administrator who is looking to lend her considerable skills and talents to a new organization. Mayada and her family came to America in 2016 from Mosul, Iraq seeking safety and a better life.


Before reaching the United States in 2016, Mayada spent a little over two and a half years in Istanbul, Turkey teaching chemistry at the high school level. Mayada enjoys teaching science to young minds, and after just one year was promoted to Principal of the Private Baghdad School in Istanbul. The School is relatively small, and Mayada split her time between her administrative duties and teaching duties, managing twenty employees and the school's $400,000 budget.


Before she started teaching in Turkey, Mayada worked for fourteen years in public service as a Quality Control Technician for the Nineveh Ministry of Municipalities/Water Circle Nineveh based in Mosul, Iraq. Mayada was a integral member of the team responsible for testing, tracking, and reporting on water contamination, quality, and safety for Mosul (population 1.4 million) and other communities in northern Iraq.


In addition to her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Mosul, Mayada received training by UNICEF regarding water testing. Mayada is proficient in using Microsoft Word and Excel and has earned an International Computer Driving License (ICDL) certification.


Mayada is a hardworking, loyal, and active employee with great interpersonal skills and significant technical, administrative, and educational experience. Mayada is fluent reading and writing English, and is continually working to improve her English speaking skills.


Office: 972-885-6472

Text: 972-885-6472

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