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Business intelligence (BI) is no longer just for big business.  Using sound BI practices like development of aligned Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)​ and data dashboards, we ​can help you see the story that your data is trying to tell you.  One quick look and you can see whether or not you are on

track to meet your financial, operational, expectations, identify where the trouble spots may be, and can reveal unexpected​ trends.

The important information in monthly department updates, City Council updates and Board/Commission reports can be distilled into an easy to digest and fully customizable, dynamic executive dashboard.  Our services range from simply sending us the reports that your organization already completes and turning those into beautiful and functional BI Dashboards to inviting us into your operations to assess, develop, and monitor your KPIs, strategic alignment, and regular reporting.​​


Each BI Dashboard is fully customized to the user, easily showing the information that is most important to you, and can include as much or as little information​ as you believe is appropriate.  Each BI Dashboard may also either be used by a set number of users within your organization or made public or displayed on a connected lobby television.  You can even view any dashboard element on your smart phone or tablet.  Always up-to-date and always available.​


We can warehouse your data for you, use public APIs to extract web-based data, or pull directly from your software.  Our solution is extremely flexible - you can even simply send us a CSV datadump and we do the rest.  Combine different datasources in a single dashboard or even a single element.  While it does require an initial setup, we don't have to do any lengthy or costly data migration or integration.  The dashboard lives in the cloud, and is ready when you are.

Municipal Dashboard
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