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Public Policy


Public policy analysis and creation is at the core of public administration.  One of your primary roles is advising your governing body on a multitude of public policy issues ranging from noise and sign ordinances, water fluoridation, urban farming,  public debt burdens, mosquito and vector control programs, growth management, service outsourcing, and hundreds of other issues. The JDGray Group of consultants and managers has worked through a wide variety of the types of issues that all cities face, and we have developed a public policy analysis methodology that consistently produces outstanding results.


You know that in municipal public policy, there is no one-size fits all solution.  Each problem that your community has chosen to tackle with a policy response requires finding the right piece to your puzzle.  The solution must fit into your community’s values, the current political system, and within your available resources to manage or enforce.  We advocate a five-step policy cycle methodology for finding the right piece to your specific public policy puzzle.

Identify the surface issue that is presenting itself as a policy problem

Diagnose the core issues with the help of stakeholders

Design a practical solution that addresses the core issues rather than just the surface issues

Implement & Test the solution within the working environment for a specified amount of time with a clear understanding of what success looks like

Refine the policy as needed

JDGray Group Consultants
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