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Bond Ratings Optimization Service

Do you know what really goes into your bond rating? Did you know that fund balance only makes up about 10%-15% of your overall rating? Bond ratings make a difference. The interest cost savings between bond rating categories an average tax-backed G.O. bond issuance amounts to over $500,000 - that’s on a single average $30 million issuance. Bond insurance can be expensive, if you can even get it. There are no longer any AAA rated bond insurers, you can't just pay to insure your way to AAA any more even if you wanted to spend the money. We are proud to announce the release of our Bond Rating Assessment Service. We take your financials, the rating agencies’ methodology, and our City Management experience to provide you a very detailed, actionable strategic path to maximize bond rating. We go in-depth on each factor and sub-factor, provide insight as to where your strengths and weaknesses are, and give you advice on where to focus your next ratings call.

Whether you have an upcoming issuance that you will seek a rating for or want to have a strategic plan to move closer to an upgrade, we’d love to help.

Head over to our Bond Ratings Assessment Service page for more details.

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