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Servant Leadership Essentials

for Community Leaders

Developed and delivered in conjunction with:

Perfect for:

Managers of all levels

Governing Board Training

Joint City/Chamber/ISD workshops

Departmental Workshops

Any group of Community Leaders

Lunch & Learn

A customizable 1.5 to 3-hour workshop designed to provide public servants and community leaders the basic tools and techniques to further their practice of Servant Leadership.


Workshops can be delivered in person onsite or by webinar.

Flat pricing allows for as many attendees as you think will benefit.



Servant Leadership in a Nutshell

Often misunderstood, Servant Leadership is not about just being nice.


The oldest leadership style is also the most effective. We'll start by describing what it is and what it is not.

Why Practice Servant Leadership?

Many of the most successful organizations in history adhere to the principles of Servant Leadership.


Find out why the organizations that lead their industries practice Servant Leadership.

Practicing Servanthood

Moving the concepts of Servant Leadership from the head to the hands takes practice.


Both elements of Servant Leadership (being a servant and being a leader) utilize different techniques.

Practicing Leadership

Leadership is the art of influence and is an awesome responsibility. 


We share the tools and techniques of effective leaders that serve their organizations well and help you to apply them.

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