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Inviting a new executive onto your team is one of the most critical decisions that you will make.


We'd love to help.

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Colorado Springs City Hall by David Shankbone

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New employee recruitment and onboarding are mission-critical for any organization.  Contact us to find out how we can uniquely assess your needs, match candidate's talent profiles with your needs, and ensure success through ongoing work with both the hiring manager or group and the successful candidate.


  • Focused Execution - Retained search services for any key municipal position - City Manager, Deputy City Manager, Assistant City Manager, City Secretary, Economic Development President/Director, Department Directors, etc.

  • Custom Job Profiling - We profile the job using a proven process.  Our process helps draw out the key talent requirements for success in the position.

  • Sourcing of Quality Candidates -  Using the job profile, we actively seek out the best-qualified candidates and recruit them.  We ensure a pipeline of qualified, desirable candidates - or we will restart the search at no additional cost.

  • Personalized Assessment for Fit - Each qualified candidate will be assessed for fit and individually ranked.  We work to maximize both the efficiency and effectiveness of the search committee or hiring manager using an innovative review system that cleverly combines clarity, efficiency, and transparency.

  • Expert Guidance through the Entire Process - Each hiring committee meeting is professionally facilitated to ensure engagement and key stakeholder inclusion.

  • On-boarding Design for Success - We don’t stop when the hiring decision is made; we ensure a plan is in place to help the new executive transition over the first year.  We call it a best practice and consider it critical.  We include 3/6/12 month on-boarding follow-up triad meetings with the new hire and the manager/selection committee.

  • Real Experience - Our team has not only conducted searches and provided training, but we have personally hired and managed hundreds of employees in municipal governments.  We understand the impact of hiring decisions, first-hand.

  • Our Commitment - Our clients make the best decision for today and for the future through a process that actively creates alignment every step through the process.


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