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Strategic Planning doesn't have to take 9 months.

A Strategic Plan in a Month?

Sure, using the Objective & Key Results framework.



We provide a serious strategic plan in a month or less by facilitating the same process used by Google, Intel and hundreds of leading companies, the Objectives & Key Results (OKR) framework. Using OKRs, we deliver a fully-functional plan that you can begin implementing next month at a fraction of the time and cost of a full-scope strategic plan.


(Or cost an arm and a leg.)


STakehodler launch

We meet your team in your community for two days to develop a vision and to identify immediate, emerging, and long-term needs.

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strategic focus areas

We take your needs and distill 3-5 Strategic Focus Areas within the first week.


SFAs are the primary areas that your strategy will be focused upon.


Now that we know where to focus, during week #2 we work with your staff to develop 3-5 Objectives to address each SFA.


Objectives are concrete, time-bound projects, programs, or processes that you will implement.

Key Results

By the end of week #3, together we'll have developed 3-5 Key Results that will help you to track the progress towards implementation.

All Key Results have a specific action & metric, a due date, and will be assigned to a specific person. 


Strategic Planning should be a living process, not a product. The process we use to get to a baseline strategic plan in one month can be repeated over and over again in your community as new needs arise.

Full-scope strategic planning with deep public engagement, unlimited objectives, departmental business plans, and exclusive branding is perfect if you want to integrate the process into every aspect of your organization and community, but that is not what every community needs.

If your most significant need is to bring focus, alignment, and discipline to the most impactful things to be working on right now, our OKR process can get you up and running within one month. Once you have the framework in place, it can be expanded, monitored, and reported on with ease. 


Our OKR process is also perfect if you already have a strategic plan, but are getting stuck in execution.

(Let us give your plan a push.)

JDGray Group Consultants
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