City of Richardson, Texas

Richardson Servant Leadership Workshop

The City of Richardson, Texas has a long history of servant leadership. We have been invited to take part in the City's executive leadership program and to deliver a module on Servant Leadership for their 2020 class. We love to partner with communities on this significant topic, if you are interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to contact us.

City of Pflugerville, Texas

Pflugerville Lean Coffee

The City of Pflugerville selected the JDGray Group for a half-day Council Strategy Workshop using the Lean Coffee facilitation method. We used a very short timeframe to cover a lot of ground, providing the City Staff with serious discussion of a few key projects focused directly by the Council Members. If you have to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time and want the topics to be generated and focused directly by your elected officials, we'd love to help.

City of Pilot Point, Texas

Vision & Guiding Principles Facilitation

The City of Pilot Point Texas selected the JDGray Group LLC to facilitate a revision of its vision statement and guiding principles. We are excited to work with Pilot Point, a city on the northern edge of growth in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. Working with the community to distill a vision statement and guiding principles will help Pilot Point formulate a full strategy for advancing towards that vision in the future.

City of Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland, Florida Servant Leadership

We were invited to take part in the City of Lakeland, Florida's high-potential leadership development program "48 Hours: Invest in You". Working alongside city Human Resources staff and Executive Sponsors, we co-created an eight-hour interactive workshop to introduce and help apply the ten essential Servant Leadership attributes. The workshop also allowed us to develop and publish the Center for Public Servant Leadership Field Manual. The Field Manual is a curated database of dozens of books, articles, blog posts, and videos that connect Servant Leadership with the public sector. You can sort and filter the Field Manual based on any combination of Servant Leadership attributes and local government workgroups/departments. The Field Manual is available at: Helping local government leaders develop their Servant Leadership attributes is one of our passions. If you have an interest in the Servant Leadership journey, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Town of Argyle, Texas

Economic Development Workshop

We were glad to be back in Argyle working with the Town Council and Economic Development Corporation on our Basics of Economic Development Workshop. We designed our interactive, half-day workshop on economic development with elected and appointed officials in mind. We facilitated an in-depth conversation about the purpose & goals of economic development and identified the tools & techniques available (and when to use them). We discuss the basic requirements & restrictions, and most importantly, cover the roles & responsibilities of the various economic development stakeholders.

City of Hutto, Texas

Governance Workshop

We were pleased to be back in Hutto Texas during July 2017 to facilitate their annual City Council retreat. This year we had a specific focus on governance and the relationships between among the City Council. We followed up the retreat with a full after action report, including a summary of an action items for each agenda topic.

City of Hutto, Texas

Hutto City Council Annual Workshop

Thanks to the City of Hutto for having us back again for their annual City Council Workshop. We spent two days offsite covering budget updates, long-term planning issues, and a variety of strategic initiatives.

City of Pilot Point, Texas

Servant Leadership Essentials

We provided a four-hour training on the Essentials of Servant Leadership to the City of Pilot Point's executive team. We focused on defining what Servant Leadership is, and how the team could implement it effectively in their part of the organization.


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